ARU Honour Boards

Lindfield Community,

Following the recent AGM, the first business to address is updating the club house honour boards (finally!).

Committee Honour Board
For the committee honour board, we have compiled the following list dating back to 1947 – There are a few gaps in the mid-late 1990s so if any can help fill these in or correct any mistakes, please email

Centurion Club
We’re currently liaising with Subbies to obtain player information re number of games played. However, if you have previously received an award / recognition for reaching 100/200/300/400/500 games, please click the following link and fill in your details –

Due to the fact the club hasn’t maintained accurate records, the current rule is six (6) seasons for the first 100 games and five (5) seasons for each subsequent 100 games (i.e., 11 seasons for 200, 16 seasons for 300, 21 seasons for 400, 26 seasons for 500).

We understand this is somewhat flawed particularly when a player backs-up for multiple games on a regular basis and has played more than 20 games a season. At the other end of the scale, a player may be injured or unavailable for lengthy parts of the season. If you have recorded the number of games you’ve played, we will take you on your word, otherwise we ask that you follow the aforementioned rule.

Thanks in advance.

Raef Johnson

Lindfield Rugby Union Club