Back2Lindfield Day :: May 23rd

One of the biggest days of the Lindfield Rugby calendar is almost upon us. Back2Lindfield Day will be held at Tryon Rd on Saturday May 23rd, with the games against new-commers to the division Hills Rugby Club.

It’s great day to be part of, as Ex-Old Soldiers, families and friends all come together to celebrate the mighty club of LRU. We will have the Jackalope Food Co. back for the BBQ Takeover and plenty of quality rugby to watch, as we let Hills know what Tryon Rd is all about!

We also 3 Old Soldier Reunions happening! 1950 Burke Cup, 1980 Whiddon Cup and the 2005 Robertson Cup teams. So, grab you mates, kids, friends and anyone else you see wondering around aimlessly and get down to Lindfield Oval.

See ya there.