Lindfield Rugby 2014

Old Soldiers,

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday period.

2014 is here, the 95th in the club’s history. Your committee is already working hard to make sure this is the single best year the LRU has ever seen.

Some big plans are in place but here are the basics you need to know for the upcoming few weeks: 

1. Pre Season and Social Calendar

Full training begins on January the 16th and a squad for Crescent Head will be picked for Feb 7th – 9th.

The social calendar including Ladies Day, Back to Lindfield Day and our 95th year Ball will be released early February with the dates and times for every event of the year. 

There are 3 trial games scheduled in March and the season will commence on Saturday April 5th.

If you have friends, family, wives or girlfriends that would like to be a part of the club in any capacity; it may be the best decision they have ever made. Don’t forget every member who brings another member to the club will receive a $50 bar tab to the LRU bar. 

2. Early Bird Subs

Player Subs need to be paid before you step onto the field, so if your a player, please visit the Lindfield website and click in the ‘pay subs’ tab. Early bird subs expire COB January 31st.

3. Bangkok 7’s Trip

Get pumped for Thailand in Nov 2014 as Lindfield is going to Thailand! We will be setting up a direct debit option for this so boys can start putting money down in February. We will be competing in the Bangkok 7’s and spending a week of “leisure” after the tournament. 

Enjoy your last few weeks off, we are going to the big dance in 2014. 

Old Soldier!