North Shore Tag – Ladies Day Comp Winners

Did you attend Ladies Day this year and participate in North Shore Tag League’s ball toss comp?

They have just posted the winners on their Facebook Page, see below if you have won Free Rego and Merch!

FREE Spring Season Registration Winners, worth $90 each:

  • Bonnie Duncan
  • Jessica Tasso
  • Jen Rowley
  • Maddie Gough
  • Melissa Garner
  • Sarah Pitcairn
  • Liam Coleman
  • Ed Schrivens
  • Michael Shaw

FREE Merchandise Winners, worth $35 each:

  • Kerry Lane
  • Ant Ford
  • Ed Lenehan
  • Joe Crabtree
  • Josh Linch
  • Lucas Perrignon
  • Marty Lister
  • Michael Houston
  • Oliver McManus
  • Oliver Telan
  • Tom Marshall

Registration winners can play for FREE in the upcoming Spring season playing at Blackman Park, Lane Cove, starting Monday 8th October. Merchandise winners have a $35 credit towards any Tag League merchandise purchase, which can be made at the field or via the Tag League Shop