Press Release | 9th August 2016

Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members,

Further to the events that transpired last Friday 5th August, a subcommittee of experienced past and present members has now engaged with the NSW Suburban Rugby Union via several informative and helpful discussions regarding the matters at hand.

We are now cognisant of the appeal avenues available to the club, along with associated time frames and requirements. The appointed subcommittee is now in the process of formalising an appeal to the NSW Suburban Rugby Union and further updates on this process will be provided in the coming days.

Unfortunately, regardless of any appeal lodged, the hearing of that appeal will not be able to occur prior to this weekend’s finals fixtures and as such there is no prospect of any Lindfield teams competing in the 2016 finals series.

On behalf of Lindfield Senior Rugby Club, I wish to thank all supporters for their messages of encouragement and reassure you that all steps are being taken to ensure the immediate and long-term success and viability of our great club.

Yours in rugby,

Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former LRU President (2007-2009)