Results of AGM held on 3 October 2018

LRU Community,

Many thanks to all those members who were able to participate in the Club’s Annual General Meeting held on 3 October 2018.

AGM Results

Following the mandatory standing down of last year’s management committee, elections were held in relation to the fulfilment of the following roles on the management committee:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Delegate

With the five management committee positions vacated, Raef Johnson and Toni Francis indicated their desire not to re-stand for election respectively as President and Secretary of the Club in 2019. In circumstances where continuing discussions were taking place in relation to the best candidates for these important roles for the upcoming season, Raef and Toni agreed to be re-elected on the night of the AGM on an interim basis whilst personal considerations and discussions were concluded.

Since that time, Raef Johnson has agreed to resign from that interim appointment as President of the Club and Mr Tristan Warner has been voted in by the Management Committee to fulfil the role of President as provided for under clause 28(3) of the Club’s constitution. In addition, by virtue of Tristan Warner taking up the role of President, thereby vacating his previously voted in role as Delegate on this years’ Management Committee, Mr Tim Curtin has been appointed by the Management Committee pursuant to clause 28(3) of the Club’s constitution to fulfil the role of Delegate in his place.

At this time, the role of Secretary remains vacant with the newly elected committee actively seeking to elect a suitably qualified candidate into this position for the 2019 season.

2019 Committee

The 2019 Management Committee for Lindfield Rugby Club as elected by the members is, therefore:

  • Tristan Warner (President)
  • Josh Rickard-Ford (Vice President)
  • Ben Dibden (Treasurer)
  • TBC (Secretary)
  • Tim Curtin (Delegate)

Special Mentions

The Club would like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to Raef Johnson and Toni Francis for the immense work they performed over the past 2 seasons. In particular, Raef undertook the role of President following a difficult period in the Club’s history and has in many respects ensured the Club has a solid foundation to springboard into its 100th year, being undoubtedly the most important year of the Club’s history.

We give thanks to Raef and Toni for all of their help and commitment to the Club and look forward to seeing them on the sidelines for many years to come as avid supporters of Lindfield Rugby Club.

Moving Forward

Stay tuned for further announcements in relation to additional sub-committee roles which are available to be fulfilled in order to ensure that the 100th year of the Club is both highly successful and commemorative of the values upon which Lindfield Rugby Club was founded.


Old Soldier.