Round Twelve vs Newport – Wet Weather Round

This weekend the Lindfield lads are heading up the beaches to take on Newport (to make up for the washed out match in round twelve).

You may recall the “washed-out” fixture just a month ago… the Lindfield army was rolling on strong and out of nowhere our games were pulled from under us due to “rain”. Well Lindfieldites, Newport can only hide for so long, and this weekend they’ll be taking on a Lindfield outfit full of confidence after some big wins against St Ives last weekend.

Rivalry round vs St Ives was a HUGE SUCCESS for the Old Soldiers, with 1sts (44-19), 2nds (27-5), and 4ths (59-7) all coming away with convinving bonus point wins. The mighty 3rds (5-59) and Colties (14-31) weren’t so lucky..

This week is a huge opportunity for Lindfield to climb further up the club championships, and with all grades playing the best champagne rugby Subbies Rugby has seen in some years, make sur eyou come on up to Newport and cheer on the Old Soldiaaaaaar!

Saturday match details are as follows:

Where: Porter Reserve, Burke St, Newport

Time: Colts 10:45am

4th Grade 12:00pm

3rd Grade 12:55pm

2nd Grade 2:00pm

1st Grade 3:15pm


Ps. Next Saturday (11th August) is Laaaaadies Day. It will be a day of epic proportions so make sure you get involved, for more information visit