Lindfield Rugby Club Song


We are the boys from old Lindfield Club hey!
We’re never happy till we’re in the pub hey!
Hey there, ho there, drink the gin,
We never let a sober man in.

We never falter, we never fall,
We sober up on pure alcohol,

We’re the boys from old Lindfield,
So back to the bar for more,
For more, for more…

And, now that we’re here at the bar at the bar,
And the coach has declared it a session,
We’ll drink till the dawn breaks anew,
For we’re having a wonderful time.

Throw the empties away, start again, start again,
For the boys of old Lindfield are together,
We’ll drink till the dawn breaks anew,
And may the memories of old Lindfield last forever,

Hip ray, hip ray, hip ray ray ray!