Guiding Principles of Lindfield Rugby Club

Lindfield Rugby Club (LRC) is one of the oldest rugby clubs in Australia with a long tradition of upholding the values and true spirit of Rugby. 

Membership of the LRC community includes :  

  •   Administrators/Committee 
  •   Registered players 
  •   Coaches/managers 
  •   Supporters 

As a member of the LRC community you accept the following : 

  • The CLUB comes first in all considerations and actions. 
  • Whilst individual team performance is recognised, the ultimate measure of the CLUB’s success is the Club Championship, where the CLUB’s standing is most impacted by the results of first grade. 
  • LRC is a fully amateur club. No official or player will be paid. 
  • LRC is an inclusive community which recognises the diversity of its members. 
  • Players will respect the decisions of coaches and selectors and not self-determine team selection.  
  • Members show respect for all other clubs in the competition. 
  • Members show respect for all referees and officials. 
  • No alcohol to be consumed while performing duties as either player/coach/manager/game day official etc. 
  • Supporter behaviour expectation is zero tolerance of abuse or verbal interaction with opposition players during games. 

Non-adherence to the above principles may lead to loss of membership in the Lindfield Rugby Club community.