The Funnel Webs season starts this Friday.

7.30 pm this Friday at the Cliff Oval, Wahroonga

For those that are unaware, The Funnel Webs are the Lindfield Rugby Clubs team that is entered the Golden Oldies Tournaments across Sydney.

It is open to anyone that is 35 or older, and still wanting a run around the paddock in a slightly less rigorous, yet more “social” than regular Grade Rugby.

The last few years have been a little light on for players, so we are looking at bolstering the ranks for the six games this season.

All information regarding the Funnel Webs can be found on the main LRU page, but if you need more information, please contact either Thierry at:,

or the main LRU address at:

Subs for the season are nominal, and are easy payable from a link on the LRU club website.

Come down, and have a run. We will post the schedule for the season later this week so that you can plan in advance for the games.