The Kuringai Examiner Report: The Melanoma Cup

As a spectator, pre-season footy means sinking beers in the sun during an exciting and anticipatory period of the season, watching teams preparing themselves for the season ahead.

Saturday the 19th of March was no exception, Mosman rugby club welcoming Roseville, Lindfield and the Colleagues Convicts to their home ground on Balmoral Beach.

The inaugural pre-season round was yet again in the name of the Melanoma Institute, funds from the day donated towards this great organisation.

Lindfield got a taste of what the oncoming season in first division would be like, matching up nicely with Mosman. Roseville and the Colleagues Convicts got a few hit-outs too, playing against barbarian teams from the other clubs throughout the day.

Mosman vs LindfieldNot only do the Old Soldier’s promise exciting rugby this season, but they have also sweetened the home game deal with the addition of the Jackalope Food Co. Texan Style Sauce with your pulled pork and smoked sausage is a complimenting gift to Saturday rugby (and a few beers).

An air of excitement is clear amongst the Lindfield club, all members with high hopes for the season in the first division.

Mosman always offers great, organised rugby; their unrelenting organisation tending to tire out and frustrate the opposition, as they are just so hard to crack.

The Old Soldiers earned their spot in the Kentwell Cup through sheer hunger, a desire to win which is notable in every weekend.

The first grade hit out at the end of the day clearly expressed these strengths from both teams, the game ending in a draw at four tries a piece.

Both of these uniforms supply good reason to follow the Kentwell Cup this season as they will make their own impacts respectively.

As published in the Kuringai Examiner March 21, 2016 –