TOMORROW: Internal Trials @ Koola

Details have been confirmed for a day of internal trials this Saturday, March 21. We have Koola Park booked for the festivities and will expect EVERYONE, including injured players, there at 11:30am.
The set-list for the day will be as follows…

12:00pm Colts A v Colts B
1:00pm Colts v Mixed Seniors
1:40pm Possibles v Probables

IMPORTANT! Can everyone please bring a non-lindfield rugby jersey!

The game formats will vary slightly, but Colts will be playing 2 x 25min halves, and then another 25min half against a mixture of the seniors. Possibles and Probables will likely be playing a number of shorter sessions over the afternoon, as we look at few players in different positions.

Once we finish, around 3pm, we expect a good flow of cold beer at the Greengate.

Any questions please ask.