Coaches Announced for 2016

On behalf of the LRU 2016 Committee, we would like to introduce the coaching staff for 2016…

1st Grade
Head coach – Adam Coughlan
Assistant Coach – Ed Lau

2nd Grade
Head Coach – Mike Hanna
Assistant Coach – Nate Bryant

3rd grade
Head Coach – Thibault Pellegrin
Assistant Coach – Mik Cronin

4th Grade
Head Coach – Raef Johnson
Assistant Coach and club set piece coach – Riley Rolleston

Head Coach – Rory Toemoe
Assistant Coaches – Damon Edmonds and Andrew Morbey

Club Skills and conditioning coach – Gerard McLenaghan

Congratulations and welcome to the couple of new faces. This is a very strong coaching team and we look forward to a successful season in 2016.

Old solider!!